New Wave and Wave Table Tool in Development

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Here is what is planned so far:

1 Wave and WaveTable saving as one file
This will let you save your work as a meaningful file. It will be sysex format so you can stuff it into a MIDI file and have the specially designed waves and wavetables load at the start of a song or in the middle of a song.

2. Viewing of full WaveTable
Just like an audio editor such as Cool Edit or VST you will be able to zoom in/out and scroll left and right. There will be lines showing where each wave is and it's mirror plus the interpolation's between all waves (this is the complex part) And you can click on any Wave within the scrolling wavetable to select it and edit it.

3. WaveTable to audio wave converter/player for all the Pulse owners :) (You can audition the WaveTable with any audio player)

4. WaveTable functions
This is new and crazy but it will let you add, subtract, mean, AND, OR ...etc two Wavetables!!! to make a new one. i.e. You could blend 01 Resonant with 05 Bellish !!!

4. WaveTable generation tools
- additive just like uWave+
- morphing just like wav2Wave
- importing of audio
- painting
- algorithmic This is cool. There are two parts:
A. You can generate various waveshapes (saw, sqr, sine..etc) and have their frequency change as the wavetable is swept.
B. You can do the same but AND, OR , NOT...etc the sweep with a regular WAVE (this wave can be made using the Wave Generation) for Sync type wavetables

5. Wave generation
- functions like Sqr, Sine, Saw
- Importing .wav
- additive
- selecting ROM or RAM waves

6. Wave tools
- additive popup (like in wav2wave)
- inverse (like in wav2wave)
- saturate/overflow (like in wav2wave)
- phase (shifts in time)
- mouse draw (like in uWavEditor)

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