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- The MicrowaveII/XT/PC is a very accurate SH-101 emulator.  The above template can program patches
  from within µWavEditor. This simple, friendly, familiar interface makes programming the complex and powerful
  MicrowaveII/XT/PC a snap.

- Tech Note: Due to the need for 3 Waveforms (Real PWM, Saw and Sub Osc) this emulation will
  use custom wavetables and waves....Don't you wish for a 3 Osc Microwave with 3 independent
  Wave generators each reading it's own wavetable....maybe a MicrowaveIII ?

- The big blank area on the right acts like the bender

- The bender is fully functional (even pushing...accomplished by right clicking)

The above has almost all SH-101 features  plus new features like:
- chorus
- distortion
- digital
- mono/poly
- voicing (single/dual/unison)
- Fat
- Wide
- OSC FM/ Sync/ Detune
- VCF Polarity
- VCF Edge

Here are some SH-101 patches for the MWII/XT/PC/XTk:

u101_mid.zip Zipped MIDI format

u101_syx.zip   Zipped Sysex format

- Check out µSynth. Another tool for making analog patches on the Microwave series of synths.

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