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Designed by soundtower.gif (4638 bytes) in consultation withTheLab16.gif (4256 bytes)
Thanks to:  Wolfram Franke, Georg Mueller, Paul Nagle, Mark Pulver, Martin Selway, Stefan Stenzel and the Waldorf User Forum
Win 95/98 32 bit editor/librarian for Waldorf's MicrRedKnob.gif (9874 bytes)wave II/XT/PC/XTk synths
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your screen could look like this!

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Click on the buttons above to navigate just like in µWavEditor.

Coming soon to uWavEditor:
all parameters on one page window

MW I to MW II conversion tool
More Wave and Wave Table Tools

Other interesting features of the program are
WaveEnv window and tools
multi-editing window
floating quick navigator window details
genetics window
mouse and joystick interface
virtual and QWERTY keyboard
MIDI window
MultiMode right click to select current Multi Instrument for editing
main page
Sound Parameter's window
patch saving/re-naming
µ101 SH-101 emulator tool

µSynth Analog programming tool
fly-over help
online/offline editing
copy and paste features
drag and drop features
keyboard zone defining with mouse drag or keypress on Midi Keyboard
Personalized LCD StartUp message
huge help file with Waldorf's Microwave Manual embedded

Feel Good Stuff:
upgrades are free.
- more wavetable editing tools are planned for the near future.
- copy and pasting parts of patches (such as filter settings, or mod matrix settings) is planned.
- librarian features for effects, envelope settings, filter settings....etc are planned.
- preset macro buttons throughout the windows are planned. These will provide quick
  starting points within each window. So far we have added a "Microwave 1" macro
  button in the Quality window. Pressing it give the patch a digital edge like on the
  original Microwave.

Feedback from happy users:
- feedback

Ordering Information:
 all upgrades are free
 the registration code works with all program versions!
 Price: $50 USD

Online Orders:  order.gif (2820 bytes)
Email Orders:
Phone/Fax Orders:      (902) 228-2217

mac.gif (406 bytes)News!
Mac Owners
Adam Schabtach has successfully  tested µWavEditor on a MAC using SoftWindows98. Click here for Details.
Check here to see his past success with getting the Nord Modular to run on a Mac.

NEW!! 2.1 is here!! (99/3/15)
- mwedit.zip (v2.1)  Full 3 Meg Install/Setup Demo forWin95/98/NT (can be unlocked/registered via Internet)
- mweupd.zip (v2.1)  .exe upgrade. 300k executable file. Just unzip and drop into your uwavedit directory (overwriting earlier version)

- mwhelp.zip (99/3/15) help file for µWavEditor 1Meg. Contains most of the user manual and can be used stand-alone i.e. useful to have on HD regardless of the editor.
If you have  problems downloading, the editor program can also be e-mailed to you.
Please contact: editors@soundtower.com 

 Any questions or comments, please E-mail to:
 editors@soundtower.com or thelab@sprint.ca

uWaveBanks.zip  5 banks of sounds in uWavEditor format (Cobalt Blue, uDrums, uSynth, u101, Factory Original)

Also check out SoundTower' site