Wave 2

wave2.gif (4826 bytes)

- Floating wave controls can be located anywhere on the desktop for
  quick access, even above your sequencer (cakewalk, cubase, logic..etc).

- Large friendly sliders are easy to position.

- Quantised positions and different shaped sliders for modulation
  parameters make it even more intuitive.

- Most controls have "fly-over" help

- Right clicking  on most controls quickly resets the slider to "normal" values.

- Restore returns all values to their original settings...just in case you
  get into trouble.

- Data values match those in the Microwave II/XT/PC i.e. % values for
  Keyboard modulation amount, "Saw" for selected wave, "Free" for Start Phase....etc.

- The "WaveTable|" button and Wave"ENV" buttons quickly bring up those windows.

- The "Limit" selection prevents preset waves 61,62 and 63 from being swept.

- The "Lock Mods" selection matches Wave 2 modulation settings to those of Wave 1.