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Moog moogerfooger® MIDI Murf® Pättern Editor is a fully-featured Editor created specifically for Moog moogerfooger® MIDI Murf®.

Since its launch in the summer of 2009, Moog's newest moogerfooger®, the MF-105M MIDI MuRF® has been an instant success. With eight analog filters under MIDI and CV control, the MIDI MuRF® is one of the most powerful and flexible sound design tools around. Now for the icing on an already very sweet cake, Moog is releasing the MIDI MuRF® Pattern Editor. Available as a free download to MIDI MuRF® owners, the Pattern Editor software allows players to create, modify and save their own patterns. Its point-and-click user interface makes pattern creation a breeze. In addition, the on-screen knobs and sliders let users optimize patterns to real-world settings without taking their hand off the mouse. The MIDI MuRF® Pattern Editor provides easy access to parameters only available through MIDI CC commands and saving and storing patterns on a computer allows for an unlimited number of available variations.

Please note! The Moog moogerfooger® MIDI Murf® Pattern Editor is not software instrument and it will produce no sounds unless connected with the Moog MIDI Murf®.

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Special thanks for help in software development to:

Steve Dunnington

Amos Gaynes

Richard Jones

Cyril Lance

Mark Lanoszka

David Rankin



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MOOG moogerfooger® MIDI Murf® Pattern Editor Editing Windows

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MOOG moogerfooger® MIDI Murf® Pattern Editor DOWNLOADS

Windows PC - Full Setup

MAC OS X - Disk Image

MANUAL - PDF file -  already included in the setup