N264/N364 SoundEditor   

for Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP

  family of sound editor/librarian software, specifically designed for 

Korg N264 and N364 Family of Synthesizers.

Current Version 2.3 

Version 2.3 changes:

See the preview of the sound editor/librarian GUI (Graphical User Interface) snap shots:

Korg N Family models:

  • N264
  • N364

Main Window

Program Edit

Combination Screen
VDF Envelopes
Effect Window
Sequencer Support

N264/364 Editor On-Line Tutorial

New in version 2.1:

Some of N264-364 SoundEditor editing tools include:

  Full 32 bit Windows architecture.
  Well Organized and simplified Editing Windows.
  Program and Combination Sound Librarian.
  Auditioning tools, drum sound library, Effect library.
  Dumping and loading automation...
  Copy directly from Library to banks.
  Program and Combination Librarian with quick update/save.
  Display Last Sysex Command Send (Registered Users only) feature - You can copy a sysex commands generated by editor into your favorite sequencer.
Program edit
  Program Effect 1 2 and mix edit
  Combination edit
  Combination Effect 1 2 and mix edit
  Drum Kits edit
  Global Settings editing
  Saving and loading of all sysex 01W dumps and files
  Graphical tools to drag all 03W Envelopes with mouse
Calibrated Mouse-Joystick and C.C. programmable controls
  Two Midi-In Interfaces for advanced real-time sequencer recording
PC Joystick to use with C.C. programmable controls
  Pitch Bend and After Touch Controls
  On line Help and Tips and more...

Download printable manual (doc format) : N_Edpman.zip (700kb)

Version 2.2 changes:

Added "Combination Loader". This new feature allows you to you save a combi with all assigned programs and load it back to the original or changed locations.

Version 2.0 changes: 

Rebuilt Drum Kit editing, added List View and Drum Instrument Librarian. Re-built Program, Combination, Effect and Drum Instrument  librarians with drag and drop of items. Refined Program and Combination GENETICS Few minor bug fixes from previous version.

Version 2.06 changes: 

Added N264/364 File List and Search utility for librarians. Now you can use your keyboard to set Combination Zones (Key and Velocity).

Version 2.07 changes: 


Version 2.0.10 changes: 

Patchname generator for Cubase VST 5.xx. Click HERE for more information.
Create DOP Instrument Definition File generation.


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WARNING!  Registration Key Generators made by various software cracking groups like "Core" , "Radium" and others generate code numbers that remove registration protection on Windows Operating System platform.

SoundTower software operates not only with Windows operating system but also with synthesizer's operating system. Failure to properly remove various flags in editor's register-able demo program my cause unintentional transmission of invalid or incomplete data to the synthesizer via midi interface port. Invalid system exclusive data sent to the synthesizer may cause damage to the synthesizer's operating system that may lead to expensive repairs.

Two of such cases have been reported lately. SoundTower will not accept any responsibility for unauthorized usage of the hacked software! 


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Current Version 2.3.0


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