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OB-6 Sound Editing Software

   64 bit version for OS X 10.15 Catalina and 11.0 Big Sur   

OB-6 SoundEditor is a standalone program that runs on its own. It is a fully-featured Editor/Librarian and Sound Development tool for the DSI OB-6.

While the OB-6 is fully editable from its front panel controls, SoundEditor greatly expands the editing experience by displaying every OB-6 parameter in a series of logical, easy to use graphical interfaces.

SoundEditor allows you to create, edit, organize, and store OB-6 Programs. Through a standard MIDI connection, SoundEditor can receive and transmit individual Programs or entire banks to the OB-6.

You can display and edit Program parameters. Programs can be assigned to Categories to assist in organizing, sorting and creating custom program banks.

SoundEditor can also be used as a teaching tool to learn the inner details of the factory Programs.

It let’s you reach deep inside your synthesizer.

Please note: The OB-6 Sound Editing software is not software instrument and it will produce no sounds unless connected with the DSI OB-6 synthesizer.

OB-6 standalone SoundEditor

for MAC and PC


OB-6 PlugSE™

Audio Plugins for MAC and PC

in VST and AU formats


DSI OB-6 SoundEditor

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