Mopho-EditPro and Mopho-PlugSE - for Dave Smith Instruments: Mopho Desktop and Keyboard.

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The registration price for the Mopho-EditPro (Stand-Alone editor) is $39.99 US.

The registration price for the Mopho PlugSE (VST / AU plugin) is $39.99 US. 

The price for the Mopho-EditPro (Stand-Alone editor) and Mopho PlugSE (VST / AU plug-ins) package is is $59.99 US. 

Your Registration Code will be sent via e-mail.

IMPORTANT: Please download and evaluate the demo first before registering the PlugSE. The PlugSE application cannot be unregistered once the registration has been issued - you are registered for life! There is no refund on this product. This is the first PlugSE release and we did our best to test it on all platforms using the most popular software sequencers: Cubase, Logic, Digital Performer Ableton Live and many other VST/AU hosts. However, like with any other software releases some glitches may happen. The overall performance may depend on the setup of the PlugSE and the hardware. Please refer to the PlugSE manual for details. If something does not work as expected please write us at Thank your interest in our Mopho PlugSE!

Mark L.

Project Manager

Soundtower Inc.