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PROPHET 12 Sound Editor and PlugSE™

For Dave Smith Instruments Prophet 12 Keyboard and Module

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The registration price for the Prophet 12 Sound Editor PRO (Stand-Alone editor) is $69.00 US.

The registration price for the Prophet 12 PlugSE™ (VST / AU plugin) is $69.00 US. 

The price for the Prophet 12 Sound Editor PRO (Stand-Alone editor) and Prophet 12 PlugSE™ (VST / AU plugin) package is is $99.00 US. 

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IMPORTANT: Please download and evaluate the demo first before registering the PlugSE™. The PlugSE™ application cannot be unregistered once the registration has been issued - you are registered for life! There is no refund on this product. We did our best to test it on all platforms using the most popular software sequencers: Cubase, Logic, Digital Performer, Ableton Live and many other VST/AU hosts. However, like with any other software releases some glitches may happen. The overall performance may depend on the setup of the PlugSE™ and the hardware. If something does not work as expected please write us at Thank your interest in our Prophet 12 PlugSE™!

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Project Manager

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