TORAIZ AS-1 Sound Editor is fully-featured Editor and Sound Development tool created specifically for Pioneer DJ TORAIZ AS-1 synthesizer.

TORAIZ AS-1 Sound Editor provides the ultimate editing and sound development experience by displaying all TORAIZ AS-1 Program parameters in a single intuitive graphical interface. The interface resembles the look and feel of the real synthesizer while streamlining your workflow and allowing you to view the complete details of any Program at a glance and to edit any parameter using your computer. It allows you to see how the factory Programs are put together or to freely experiment to see what you can create.

Please note! The TORAIZ AS-1 Sound Editor is not a software instrument and it will produce no sounds unless connected with the TORAIZ AS-1 synthesizer.

TORAIZ AS-1 Sound Editor

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The registration price for the TORAIZ AS-1Sound Editor (Stand-Alone editor) is $39.00 US.

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TORAIZ AS-1 Sound Editor Pro

Please download and evaluate the demo first before registering the application. The application cannot be unregistered once the registration has been issued - you are registered for life! There is no refund on this product. We did our best to test it on all platforms. However, like with any other software releases some glitches may happen. The overall performance may depend on the setup of the application and the hardware. If something does not work as expected please write us at Thank your interest in our TORAIZ AS-1 Sound Editor Pro!

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