S O U N D  E D I T O R

Mac OS X Current  version 6.0.2

Windows PC Current  version 5.2.0

Waldorf® Q supported models:

Supported Platforms:

MAC OS X, including 64 bit 10.15 Catalina and Big Sur M1

Windows XP, Vista 32/64, Win7 32/64, Windows 10

Q-EditPro version 5.0.0 was not a simple update to the previous versions of Q-EditPro editor. It is a completely redesigned program with greatly improved user interface and intuitive functions. We made a great deal of effort to overcome many known problems with Q and microQ sysex-midi engine for you to enjoy the full power of those synthesizers. With a few clicks of mouse you can browse the whole content of the complicated Q engine. Change parameters on fly using controls or even mouse wheel or simply organize your Multies and Sound Banks.   

Sound Bank Browser

Browse through your sound banks. Copy, paste and rename Sounds.

Sound Librarian

Organize your sounds into categories using Sound Librarian.

Sound Genetics

Create new Sounds using Mix Morph Mutate and Randomize functions.

Sound Editing

The new Sound Controls window shows ALL Sound Parameters that you can change using sliders and knobs.

Multi/Instrument Window

Now you can edit all 16 Instruments/Sounds assigned to a Multi.

Multi/Instrument Mixer

We added Multi Mixer to adjust all 16 channels together with 2 Effects.

Multi Arrangement

Save/load/write as Multi Arrangements: Multi settings+ 16 Sounds and a Drum Map.

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