Korg 168RC Digital Mixer

Editing Software

for Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP

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Screen Shots:

168RCEDIT Main Screen

Bus, AUX and FX Settings

Effect System Edit

Program Librarian

Version 4.01 release:

168RCEDIT implements ALL mixer's features:

Calibrated Faders with dB readout (Calibrated using sine wave at 0dB 48kHz +/- 0.1)
  All Parameters adjustable from one window.
"ON line" and "OFF Line" editing

3D Graphical Interface
Faster execution display.
Master and Slave options

Save and Load of  every setting.

Snap shots programs of mixer settings to recall and compare.
Effect and AUX sends.
Monitor Settings.
Group to Master.
Bus Assignments.

Effect 1 & 2 parameter editing, copy,  paste and exchange.
Effect 1 & 2 Settings Save and Load.
Effect Librarian with a quick browse and select.
Effect bank loading, browsing and saving.
EQ parameter editing of all channels or pairs.
EQ Channel copy and paste.
EQ Librarian with a quick browse and select.
EQ bank loading, browsing and saving.
Fader Sensing.

   And many other useful features

(Demo Mode: Channels 4 to 16 are disabled.)

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