The KORG 03R/W Sound Editor for KORG 03R/W family of synthsizers has reached the legacy state.

This means it is available free of charge but also with no support.

Download and registration info at the bottom of this page.

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KORG® 03R/W Sound Editor

for Windows (Windows XP and newer - 32 and 64-bit)

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KORG® 03R/W Sound Editor is a fully-featured Editor and Sound Development tool created specifically for KORG® 03R/W family of synthesizers.

KORG® 03R/W Sound Editor provides the ultimate editing and sound development experience. The interface streamlines your workflow and allows you to view the complete details of any Program at a glance and to edit any parameter using your computer. It allows you to see how the factory Programs are put together or to freely experiment to see what you can create.

Please note!

The KORG® 03R/W Sound Editor is not software instrument and it will produce no sounds unless connected with the KORG® 03R/W synthesizer.

KORG® 03R/W EditPro tools include:

To register the full version, you will need to download and install the demo first: 03w Editor

Next, you need to download the full version from here: 03w, extract the program from it, and place it in the folder that contains the demo version of the editor. On a normal installation, this would be c:\Program Files\.. - you will overwrite the demo version.

Once you complete this step, you will able to register the Editor with these:

Name: Studio X

Registration code: 8975.9096


03WEditPro On-Line Tutorial


Download manual