05wEditPro can automatically generate scripts for most popular software sequencers: Cakewalk and Cubase .

To Instrument Definition  file (.ins) for Cakewalk/Sonar use Patch View window (Under File menu of the main editor's window):

For more information of how to set up Instruments in Cakewalk/Sonar , please check Cakewalk/Sonar documentation.

There are two types of scripts created by 05wEditPro depending on an options you select:

"Instrument Definition for 05w Program and Combination Banks" contain names of all User and card Programs and Combinations from all banks that are loaded to 05wEditPro:

Importing INS to Cakewalk:

Instrument Definition for 01w Drum Kits:

To create Instrument Definition for 05w Drum Kit use file menu in DRUM KIT EDIT window. Created INS will contain Drum Map for selected DRUM KIT.