Tri-EditPro SoundEditor  features

Friendly and innovative editing of all Program, Combi, Patterns, Drum Kits parameters.
Interactive real time editing. The editor gets automatically updated when you change parameter values physically on Triton. While you turn value wheel on your keyboard - Tri-EditPro's sliders and other controls are also moving along.   
On-Fly Librarians for Programs, Combis, MFX, Drum Sounds, Patterns . Just click your mouse and you can audit and edit anything form librarians  without writing it to Triton. 
Full PCG implementation - manage you PCG banks. Safely load and convert any Triton PCG - From any Triton to Triton LE and vice versa.
Program Genetics - random and intelligent patch generation: Mix, Morph and Mutate!
Extensive Copy, Paste and Compare functions for various groups or parameters.
  Apply ROM, RAM and EXB-PCM multisamples to Programs and Drum Kits.
  Drag Envelopes, drag and drop files, programs and combinations.
  Added Cubase Drum Map Editor
  Extensive Copy and Paste of various groups or parameters.
  Combination 8 channel mixer.
  Combination Signal Routing-Flow.
  Sequencer/Multi 16 channel mixer.
  Pattern editing with many automations; Use drum kit sample names to assign notes in Arpeggios.
  Combi/Program banks printing and etc.
  Create Patch Script generation for Cubase  5.x and SX - All Combination/Program banks organized by banks OR categories.
  Added Cubase Drum Map Editor that creates map for Triton Drum Kits. 
  Create Cakewalk/Sonar Instrument Definition Files for  all Combination/ Program banks and your Triton Drum Kit drum maps.

Auditioning Tools:

  Continuous Controllers Tools
  PC Flight Joystick and Mouse-Joystick - very cool!!!
  Virtual Piano with quick channel selection - play keys or chords.
  Play notes by computer keyboard keys

Of course, there are many other features in Tri-EditPro that will enhance your sound creativity and may give you musical inspiration. In contrast to many other software makers, your suggestion for any improvements will be taken seriously. With your help I hope to develop the best tools for the best synth! Your suggestions could be quickly implemented as it  could be seen in TriEditPro Version History where most of additions were our Tri-EditPro registered users ideas.  

Many more will be still added in future updates and your suggestions are truly welcomed. I hope you will enjoy TritonEditPro sound editor!

*) Sequencer mode is not fully supported  because of lack of midi sysex commands to control Sequencer settings like Arpeggio, MFX and Filters. Still, TriEditPro offers quick way of setting up programs, Level, Pan and Dynamic Modulation for 16 track/channels for "SEQUENCER/MULTI mode.   

For additional information and tutorials visit where you will find information on Triton and other KORG products.