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Recommended: 486 PC or higher, running Windows 3.11 or Windows 95/98/2000/XP with 4M of Ram, and 1M of hard drive space. PC Joystick (optional)


MIDIJOYS is a recently developed program that combines two independent fully programmable joystick controllers, and a Continuous MIDI Controller programmable sliders that can send a wide spectrum of MIDI control parameters. You can use the Joystick and sliders to input MIDI data in _real_ time to your synthesizer or sequencer. Roland GM users are finding this a very useful program for their MIDI instrument. Applications for this software are almost unlimited as far as midi continuous controllers are concern and it makes an excellent addition to any midi sequencer program. MIDIJOYS has two widows with presets to control and monitor volume and two widows to handle panning on two different Midi interfaces on channels 1-16 each.

There are another two windows/modules with 16 programmable sliders each, that can be set to transmit or monitor any combination of C. Controllers 0 - 127 on any channels from 1-16. You can also edit the value range of the controllers by setting the minimum and maximum of controller value to be sent. User’s arrangements and slider assignments can be saved to disk to be quickly recalled later when the particular MIDIJOYS functions are needed. Another powerful feature of MIDIJOYS are two mouse-joysticks. You can assign two different continuous midi controllers to the right and left button of computer mouse. By dragging the mouse and holding buttons down on the specially calibrated grid, the control changes are send to the synch through PC midi ports. You can also program computer function keys to send single data, to change sound banks or change synthesizers programs on fly. The growing library of presets and settings for the specific midi gear is available to registered users. Printable manual included.

MidiJoys also includes the editor and effect librarian for Behringer DSP1000 Virtualizer.

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