RSEDIT can create Cubase patch script file in two ways:

Tone Banks - list of Tones from all USER and PRESET banks or as a Tone Instruments where Tones are organized according to the Tone category (Pianos, Bass, Keys and etc.)

Created script contains all necessary midi bank and program commands to switch Tones in RS-5/9 on all channels in tracks. User Tone names written into script are taken from USER Tone Bank currently loaded into the editor and also include all changes you make by "writing" and "renaming" Tones.

Cubase Patch Name script should be saved into Cubase Script folder for example:


The path of the script will be automatically saved by the editor.

Note: Performance Banks are not included in the script because they cannot be switched via midi using standard Program/Bank change commands.

*) Cubase is a trademark of Steinberg Soft - und Hardware GmbH.