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ohm sweet ohm

Philip and friends



Labware and software   

UP (Universal Programmer)
Midi Control Surface Interface

NovaMod [Rev2.0]
SH-101 Mods


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  Made in Eastern Canada

Real Local Humour
Rare White Emu!
  Midi: Disorder & Extra by Joy Division and The Lab
  The Lab.wav

Lab News:
0. uwave+.gif (5040 bytes) .Microwave I/II/XT additive synthesis tool
1. uwaveditor.gif (13795 bytes) Microwave II/XT Editor released by SoundTower
2. wav2uwave.gif (6591 bytes) .Microwave I/II/XT wavetable morphing tool
3. Creamware Pulsar Info (The Lab may try this hardware after it proves itself)
4. PC-DAW  Info (The Lab has succeeded in configuring a whimpy pc to rec and play 16 tracks of audio!)
5. NovaMod Rev2.0 The Lab will be releasing NovaMod Rev2.0 in near future.
6. PC-DAW mailing list The Lab has set up a mailing list for HD recording on PC's

 The Lab is powered by Robotnik Computers
email: The Lab