XVEdit Pro can automatically generate scripts for most popular software sequencers: Cakewalk and Cubase .

To create Instrument Definition  file (.ins) for Cakewalk/Sonar use Patch View window (Under File menu of the main editor's window):

For more information of how to set up Instruments in Cakewalk/Sonar , please check Cakewalk/Sonar documentation.

There are two types of scripts created by XVEdit Pro depending on an options you select:

"Instrument Definition for XV Program and Performance Banks" contain names of User Programs and Combinations from all banks that are loaded to XVEdit Pro, Program GM Bank and GM Drum Kits.

Instrument Definition for XV Program and Combination Banks:



Instrument Definition for XV Drum Kits:

To create Instrument Definition for XV Drum Kit use file menu in DRUM KIT EDIT window. Created INS will contain Drum Map for selected DRUM KIT.