XVEditPro can automatically generate scripts for most popular software sequencers: Cubase® and Cakewalk®.

To create Patch name file for Cubase 5.x or SX use Patch View window (Under File menu of the main editor's window):

 Patchname script should be saved into  scripts\patchnames\ folder in Cubase's folder. example: 

C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Cubase\scripts\patchnames\ 

For more information of how to set up Instruments in Cubase®, please check Cubase® documentation.

There are two types of scripts created by XVEditPro depending on an options you select:

All created scripts contain names of User, Preset, Card and Expansion boards (SR-JV / SRX)  Patches from all banks that are loaded to XVEditPro.

You can select which banks you want to include in a script by checking Exp and Card options

Patch Script with XV Performances and Patch Banks:

Patch Script with XV Performances and Patches organized and displayed by their category: