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Roland® XV Family of Synthesizers.

XV-5080 : XV-5050 : XV-3080 : XV-2020 : XV-88


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  • Control and edit all parameters on all Roland XV Series Synthesizers including the Roland XV-5080, XV-3080, XV-88, XV-5050 and the XV-2020.
  • Compact, well designed GUI interface with complete integration with the synth. Every value knob change changes the controls in the editor in real time and vice versa.
  • Full control of all Tones, Patches, Performances and Rhythms in detailed yet user-friendly screens.
  • Edit all parameters of all 4 tones in a patch at one time.
  • Mix all 32 channels in performance mode, including panning and effects from one screen. Even edit patches from within performance mode.
  • Patch Librarian: Flexible way to save your patches to librarian files. Quickly and easily browse patches and tones in your library.
  • Patch Genetics: Random Patch Generator - Mix and morph to create an infinite number of patches.
  • Management of all patch creations and performances - Easily save songs on the fly.
  • Comprehensive SYSEX implementation.
  • Support for all Roland SRX and SR-JV80 Expansion Boards.
  • Mix and match rhythm waveforms to create custom kits easily. Save kits easily with Rhythm Key Tone Librarian.
  • Detailed editing of all 96 Multieffects - every single parameter.
  • Multieffects, Reverb and Chorus Librarians: Save your effect settings and apply them to Performances, Patches and Rhythms with one click.
  • Full 32-Bit Architecture - Very fast load time and little CPU load.
  • Copy/Paste functions available on many parameters.
  • Cubase Patch Script Generation - automatically create scripts sorted by banks or by patch categories and performance banks.
  • Cubase Drum Map Editor - Generates Cubase Drum Maps (.drm) for any Rhythm Set in the XV Series.
  • Cakewalk/Sonar Instrument Definition Files (.ins) Generation - Creates patch lists and drum maps for Cakewalk and Sonar.

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