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Korg® 01W Family of Synthesizers.

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Version 2.5

SoundTower is proud to present 01wEditPro, the software that will make you dust off your 01W and make it your favorite synth again. Problems with your 01W's LCD display?... well, you may not need to look at it again! 


Korg® 01W Family models:

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O1wEditPro information and features

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01WEditPro On-Line Tutorial

Download printable manual (doc format) : 01edpman.zip (700kb)

Version 2.5 improvements:

  01WEdit Pro for Blind Musicians click here

01W Main Program Edit Combination Screen
Effect Window Wave Shaping VDF Envelopes

You can listen to "Winter" mp3 played on 01R/W combi configured with 01WEDIT:

S O U N T O W E R   M P 3   S I T E - " W I N T E R "

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