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As you may know there are two Sound modes: Keyboard and DRUM. You can switch from one mode to the other using KBD/DM button:

In DRUM mode QS Program sound does not play one sample throughout the some keyboard range but instead Sound becomes a group of 10 samples each played on one specified note (sometimes also on a certain note range). 

QSEditPro displays DRUM Sound as a blank panel with "Drums" as a sample and group.

Lets select one of the preset programs that uses DRUM Sounds: DM5 Drums from Preset 1 Bank. To recall DM5 Drums program from QS, click on "Preset 1" bank tab and then click on program no. 120 DM5 Drums.

Name of this patch indicates that it has something to do with Alesis Drum Machine called DM5. DM5 it is simply  a module that translates signals form external triggers (Electronic Drum Kit pads) into midi notes. It also has build-in it's own sound generator using drum samples similar to same of QS dram samples. (QSEditPro offers support for DM4 and DM5 modules)

As you can see, DM5 Drums program uses 3 DRUM Sounds and 1 Keyboard Sound called "Rock Kit 1". "Rock Kit 1" sample is not an usual sample - it is a bunch of samples mapped to different key/notes. Mapping samples this way is only possible by using Soundbrige (MAC version only from what I've heard)

"Rock Kit 1" is added as a fourth Sound in this program for two reasons: 1) Three DRUM sound can only play 3 x 10 notes at the most so "Rock Kit 1" fills up the rest of the keys. 2) Since QS can play samples simultaneously "Rock Kit 1" puts more sounds on "top" of the others making drum sounding richer.

But for our purpose  of editing let get "Rock Kit 1" out of our way and disable it for now so we don't get confused what do we play and hear. To disable/mute Sound 4 "Rock Kit 1" click on red button:


Now double click on blank DRUM Sound 1 panel or click on "1" button 


to display DRUM EDIT window:

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