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DRUM Sound consists of 10 samples with their parameters. To change sample assignment double click mouse on Group/Voice to display smaller window with all drums samples that are available

To select new sample click on Sample Group (yellow column) and then choose from the Voice column.

Some parameters like Pan, Output, Bus Routing and Note Number can be changed directly from the main DRUM EDIT window by double clicking your mouse on the grid and using pop-up menus: 

If you click on some other columns like Level, Effect Level, Pitch and etc. a full control window will be displayed with all parameters of the selected drum:

You can use sliders [1] to adjusts values, click on value labels [2] to toggle values Max-Center-Min. Use list boxes [3] to change Velocity Curves and Assign To Note. 

You do not have to go back to main DRUM EDIT window to switch to some other drum. You can select another drum number from Drum Number list box [4] 

For  a reference caption of Drum Parameter Window displays Sound Number you editing and Drum number with a name of sample. 

There is another way of configuring Drum Sounds called DRUM GANG Edit

DRUM GANG window is accessible by clicking on "Gang Edit"  [5] button in Drum Parameter Control window or from pop-up menu in main DRUM EDIT window: To display this pop-up menu double click on Drum number:

DRUM GANG EDIT control window lets you set parameter values of all 10 drums. Simply select Parameter type from the list on the left side of the window and 10 sliders corresponding to 10 drum numbers change settings.  To audit DRUMS click on "Note" labels (here shown as D2, C2 B1...)


Page D-2