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To change Channel Volume, FX Level and adjust Semi Tuning click on any of those values.

 The caption of the window with Volume, FX and Semi Tune sliders indicates which Channel you are adjusting [Here: MIX (Chn 3)]. To quickly jump to other channels, you can click back again on MIX panel in the main window or click your right mouse button anywhere to display pop-up menu.  

If you select All Channels, the control window with 16 sliders will be displayed allowing you to adjust channel parameters on all 16 channels. You can click on the list of parameters located in the right corner to select parameter that sliders will change.

Other settings like Output, FX Bus Routing, Transpose can be changed straight from MIX PANEL by using pop-up menus.

Channel Filters settings can be changed by clicking on LED buttons:

Page E-3