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To change Program assigned to the channel, double click [1] on the name of the program in "Program" column SELECT PROGRAM window will be displayed:  

If you want to select Program from different bank click on BANK button [2] or if you have Programs present on CARD select Card bank [3].

Note: If Program Bank you using is on CARD B1 and CARD A slot is empty then actual bank assigned by QS is bank 5 - QSEDITPRO’s Card A1. The same rule applies if you have two cards A and B with one program bank on each: In QSEDITPRO Card A1 program bank will be accessed as A1 and Card B1 as A2.

There could be many combinations of program banks you may have on your cards but in any case they will be assigned and accessed in QSEDITPRO as consequent Card banks. Unfortunately, QuadraSynth does not send any general Card Bank information for QSEDITPRO to adjust bank tabs accordingly.

To quickly switch to a different channel to change another channel Program use Channel menu in the top left corner:

Page E-2