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If midi communication between QS and QSEditPRo is OK, lets check another important settings: QuadraSynth Globals by clicking on button.

Because of very versatile QS architecture it is important to get familiar with some of the QS global settings displayed in this window.

1) Make sure that GENERAL MIDI is set to OFF. Otherwise QS will not respond to program/bank change midi messages sent by editor.

2) MIDI PROGRAM SELECT should be set to ON


4) MIDI CHANNEL (on picture above seen as "Channel 1") has to correspond to Midi channel set on QS. Midi Channel (1 - 16) is displayed on the bottom of QS's LCD and can be changed by pushing <MIDI CH> button on QS.

5) MIDI PROGRAM SELECT setting is different for MIX mode and PROGRAM mode. To assure that this setting is always correct in whatever mode editor is in, let the editor switch it automatically for you.

Note: MIDI PROGRAM SELECT (ON) setting shown on a picture above is correct for PROGRAM MODE. In MIX MODE it should = Ch. 1.

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