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After checking Midi Setup and Global Setting we are ready to receive PROGRAM or MIX banks from QS. To receive current bank you can click on button from toolbar but better yet use DUMP ALL SYSEX MANAGER to receive all User QS banks.

DUMP ALL SYSEX MANAGER is located under File menu of the main window:

Now empty DUMP ALL SYSEX MANAGER is displayed:

From File menu of DUMP ALL SYSEX MANAGER select "Receive DumpAll from QS" and press START on Progress Window:

After 128 User Programs and Effects and 100 Mixes are received their names are displayed in corresponding columns:

Since QS Effects have no names they are being displayed here as 00 to 99FX.

Now all USER BANK data is loaded to DUMP ALL SYSEX MANAGER and editor and since it is a good habit to back up your QS data before making any changes select "Save DumpAll Sysex File" from File menu of  DUMP ALL SYSEX MANAGER.

When saving all User Banks you have a choice of saving it as a file with two different extensions:

1) *._qs - default QSEditPro extension to easy recognize QS all data files.

2) *.syx - Standart Raw SYSEX data

Note: QSEditPro supports all existing data formats. You can load any QS data files as long as they containd Valid QS data. QS DumpAll data contains one Program Bank, one Mix Bank, One FX Bank and Global Settings. Syx Files generated by QSEditPro are fully compatible with SoundBridge and they can be loaded using SoundBride to RAM/Flash Cards.

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