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All main SOUND parameters can be changed directly on from a main sound Sound panel:

To display more SOUND parameters click on label "2"

and SOUND window will be displayed:

All Sound Parameters can be changed by moving sliders with your mouse. You can notice that thumb of the slider you are moving turns red:

This is to indicate an active slider. Now, you can also use computer's up-down arrow keys to adjust value of an active slider. The "LED" indicator will also light up to show if you just increased or decreased values.

Beside normal sliders, there are "label" horizontal sliders without a thumb: . You can adjust them by drugging mouse on it into left and right and also use computer keyboard left-right arrow keys.

To change Waveshapes - click on their labels and select:

To change velocity curve ckick on Curve graph to show menu:

 Like anywhere else in the editor you can move mouse over controls to display tool tips.

By clicking right mouse on parameter groups you can display pop-up menus with additional functions:

Pitch Group:

You can paste Pitch parameter values from other Sounds.

Filter Group

Paste Filter parameters from other Sounds.

Other Sound Parameter Groups you can paste from are:

After you get more comfortable with SOUND editing you can display and use all four windows in the same time and jump from one to the other to fine tune you perfect program! 

On the bottom of each SOUND EDIT window you can find 4 red buttons. You can use them to disable other Sounds in order to hear only the SOUND you are editing.

Page C-3