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Because my USER bank is different that yours lets change to the QS Program that we all have: 00 AcGrandPno from  GM BANK. To load and display AcGrandPno click on "Gen Midi" bank tab and then on 00 AcGrandPno program position:

Now AcGrandPn name is in a yellow name box and information on "Sound" panels has changed.

Let us check if AcGrandPno sounds like a piano and get familiar with one of the QSEditPro's audition feature: On your computer keyboard press keys like "X", "C", "V" or "B". You should hear QS playing piano notes and as you play Note values are displayed on QSEditPro's Status Bar:

For full information on Computer Keyboard Assignment check here.

If you pressed "X" key you just played note C3. What you hear now is two Sounds being played. Why two if there are four Sounds assigned to AcGrandPn?

Well, lets look at Sound keyboard Zones-Ranges:

Sound 1:

Sound 2:

Sound 3:

Sound 4:

As you see, the note you played: (C3) is not in range of Sound 1 and 3. You can change keyboard range by clicking on labels and using KEYBOARD ZONES WINDOW (Disabled in demo mode) but lets skip this right now and do something else instead.

We will change this piano patch into a string patch. To change Sample assigned to Sound #2 click on sample name label and window with all available samples and sample groups will be displayed. Because current sample group in Sound #2 is Pianos, all samples from that group are displayed

To change sample assignment from Grand Piano L to some string sample select Strings group like Solo String.

Now, if you play some notes you will hear strings paying on the left and piano on the right because PAN of Sound #2 is set to the left and PAN of Sound #4 is panned to the right.


If you want to turn of Sound #4 completely you can use SOUND ENABLE buttons:

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