On the left side you can see the listing of all patches that are currently available in Prophet~5

Clicking on any of the bank tabs at the top will reveal selected USER or FACTORY bank.

If for any reason you wish to confirm that Librarian is showing a correct list of patches that are currently in the Prophet~5 then click the receive button and you will have an option to download the currently selected bank from Prophet~5. Just click start to begin the download from the synth.

Here you have also an opportunity to save the current bank on your computer or to load the bank that you have saved. As with all computer files it is a good habit to save your files often and to develop your own system of saving and identifying your work.

You may wish to save all user banks before you start editing and writing new programs.

The Save All Prophet~5 Data (Cntr+S) function is available from the File window menu. This function saves all USER banks to a single file with the file extension  .ph_5.


When loading any files that contain more than one program, for example bank files or All Data files, you will be presented with the Bank Loader window.

In then Bank Loader window you can preview the content of the load bank before sending it to Prophet~5.

Right-clicking on the selected program in the list gives you an option to copy multiple programs.

You can also audit the program without writing it to the Prophet~5.

The Send to Original Location button loads banks to the same bank locations where they were saved.

The Bank Loader gives you a flexibility to restore banks to different locations by selecting Load To buttons.

If you wish to restore some or all factory program then you can do so by selecting Load Factory Programs function which is available from the File window menu.

One of the important functions of the librarian  to provide the ability to check and to audit programs without committing them to the synth and writing them to the synth’s banks.

Normally, when you select a program from the bank list, the editor sends MIDI bank/program change commands and you can see that programs on the Prophet~5 change accordingly. At the same time, the editor requests selected program from the synth in order to keep the data in sync.

With Use Loaded Data option enabled, the editor does not switch banks and programs on the synth. Instead, the selected program is send to the synth’s edit buffer. Whenever you select a program directly on the synth or via MIDI while using the editor then a selected program is loaded from the internal synth’s memory to the edit buffer. The edit buffer serves as a medium for programs being edited and played.  

By using the Use Loaded Data function you can send programs to be audited without committing them to the Prophet~5. You may also notice that bank and program numbers do not switch on the synth but the programs are changing Prophet~5 panel controls.



When you right-click on the selected program in the bank list you will be presented with the basic functions like copy, paste, initialize and rename.

Note: When you use all of these functions form the right-click pop-up menu the program will be automatically written to the corresponding locations in Prophet~5 internal program banks.

If you wish to make a program name change then ouble-click on the list and in the name change dialog type new name and select category.

At any time, if you like to do some editing on the currently selected program then click on the EDIT button and you will be immediately returned to the Prophet~5 editor. If you wish to commit the edited program to the Prophet~5 then select Write Program under the Edit window menu.

The space on the right side of the librarian window is where you can organize individual or groups of patches, collect them and reorder.

You can select programs on the left side and move them over simply by clicking on the top arrow button.

You can select single patches or multiple by shift-clicking.

When coping programs to the library you will have an option to either copy programs to pre-selected category [1] by choosing NO in the dialog or to sort them to their own categories.

Here you can also drag programs over to the librarian section and drop them to categories that you choose.

You can select single patches, multiple patches by using Shift key or individual non-contiguous patches by using Command key on Mac or Control key on PC.

Whenever you move programs to a certain category the category info will be assigned and saved in the program.

Once you have moved a collection of patches to the right side of the librarian you have a few options. You can select some or all and move them back to the bank on the left side. You can copy and paste, drag and drop from one side to another, or use the left pointing arrow button. This process is very effective for reorganizing programs.

When moving programs back to the banks, you need to select the destination first. Then you need to confirm if you want to replace programs in the bank.

Once you select OK, selected program will be committed and written to the Prophet~5. By clicking on the More button you can see the process and adjust the time interval between programs sent. It is recommended to have at least 100 mS delay when sending multiple programs.

When Auto Audition button is checked any program on which you click in the library will be automatically transferred to the Prophet~5 edit buffer for review or editing.

The Program Bank Manager Librarian (Cntr+L) opens in a separate window by selecting from the File menu or clicking on the LIBRARY button in the Bank Panel view.

Program Bank Manager-Librarian

You can use the list pf categories the canter column to browse though different categories.

You also have same options to save a collection of your programs to a hard drive and similarly you can open up previously saved sets of patches to the librarian.  IMPORT will allow you to add patches from Prophet~5 .syx files. NEW will allow you to start with the new blank space.

There are some additional functions available from the Librarian window menu like for example:

Load from User Banks Data that copies all programs from currently selected bank and optionally sorts them corresponding categories.

Program Genetics