The MIDI setup window (Cntr+M) can be found under the MIDI window menu. In the MIDI Setup window, select the MIDI IN and OUT ports to which the Prophet~5 is connected and set the MIDI Channel to match the MIDI channel on the Prophet~5.

Once the proper ports and MIDI channel are selected, you should see the current Prophet~5 software version at the top of the MIDI Setup window as shown. This confirms that SoundEditor is communicating with the Sequential Prophet~5.

To establish a proper MIDI communication. Make sure that the Global Parameters are set MANUALLY (not through the computer) on Prophet~5 as follows.

To control the Prophet 5 in real-time:

MIDI Controller Enable:: ON

MIDI Parameter Send: NRPN

MIDI Parameter Receive:: NRPN

For data communication:

MIDI Sysex Enable: ON

MIDI Sysex Cable: USB or MIDI (depending on the connection)

MIDI OUT: USB or MIDI (depending on the connection)


The Prophet~5 Globals (Cntr+G) can also be found under the MIDI window menu. Please note that some settings that are necessary for maintaining a proper MIDI communication are disabled and cannot be changed directly for the editor.


Here you can access all functions that will enable the editor to communicate with the Prophet~5 and sync the data by receiving all banks.  

In the MIDI Setup you can configure which MIDI ports should be used to communicate with Prophet~5.

Global Settings panel lets you view all Prophet~5 Globals.

Important. Changes made by the editor are not saved automatically on Prophet~5.

To write global settings changes you need to enter and exit Globals mode directly on the Prophet~5 panel.

Bank Panel