The Banks Panel view lets you see all User and Factory program banks where you can select Programs for editing or audition.

Clicking on USER or FACTORY buttons displays a corresponding set of program banks.

Here you can copy and paste programs between the banks or move programs around by dragging them to new locations.

Press the Shift key to enable dragging.

When you right-click on a selected program you will be presented with the pop-up menu.

In the Bank View you can copy and paste only one program at a time. To copy and paste multiple programs use the Program Bank Manager / Librarian window.

Pasted, renamed, loaded and initialized programs will be automatically written to the Prophet~5 at the selected Bank/Program location.

If you like to load saved single programs only to the edit buffer only, then use the Load Single Program function located under the window File menu.


If you wish to rename categories then right-click on the button you want to rename and type a new name.


Clicking on the CATEGORY button let you view and select programs organized in categories. You can browse through categorized programs by clicking category buttons.


The SEARCH button (CNTR+F) brings up the Program Search where you can search for programs in all Prophet~5 banks.


The File Window Menu gives you option of few simple functions to save and load programs.

The Save All Prophet~5 Data save all 5 USER banks with the file extension .ph_5.

Save Single Program (CNTR+S) function saves currently edited program.

Load Single Program (CNTR+O) function loads a saved program to the editor and sends it automatically to the synth’s edit buffer for audition. Programs loaded that way are not written to program banks. If you wish to write loaded program then use the Write function located under the Edit window menu.

Save Program Bank function lets you save a selected bank. In the Save Bank file dialog you can specify the file extension. The default is .p5_b but you can also select .syx for SysEx files. The bank data is always saved as formatted raw sysex data. The file extension .p5_b is to help with easy file recognition and can be changed to .syx.  

Load Program Bank to lets you load the program bank to pre-selected location.

Save All Data as Sysex file saves all 5 USER banks as .syx file.

Load Sysex File Loads any .syx file that contains a valid Prophet~5 data.


When loading any files that contain more than one program, for example bank files or All Data files, you will be presented with the Bank Loader window.

In the Bank Loader window you can preview the content of the load bank before sending it to Prophet~5.

Right-clicking on the selected program in the list gives you an option to copy multiple programs.

You can also audit the program without writing it to the Prophet~5.

The Send to Original Location button loads banks to the same bank locations where they were saved from.

The Bank Loader gives you a flexibility to restore banks to different locations by selecting Load To buttons.