The COMBINATION SIGNAL FLOW window displays 8 channel output routing. You can adjust all parameters that are displayed in this window. To change a certain parameter's value, click on a value label and use the slider.

For some of the parameters the corresponding pop-up window will appear as they do directly in Edit Mode window.

For example single click on the selected programs name in opens the Program Select window. You can then change program selected to any other from any Combi Bank or Category.

Futher, MFX and MFX-Insert functions  can be turned on or off from here or parameters changed with the edit windows brought up by a single click ( for MFX and for MFX-Insert.) MFX direction can be changed directly by a single click on chain .

Note: Double clicking on any of the numerical values in the value boxes allows the user to enter an exact value for the parameter from the keyboard. As well changes to the values of parameters, BUS and i-BUS , are directly mirrored with graphical changes to signal flow in the window.