In Triton Sound Editor Sequencer Mode click on  

to access Triton SoundEditor's full function 16 channel Sequencer mixing board.

 From this window the user can adjust:

The Program Bank and number is displayed directly under the Track number. (See Sequencer Mode tutorial for details on parameters in list above.)

An added control feature for Mixer use is the inclusion of a more complete Sequencer Signal Flow Window situated behind the Mixer; the functionality is the same as the Combination Signal Flow Window . This is equivalent to the SEQUENCER SIGNAL FLOW window displaying all 16 channel output routing. The effect is the same as found in Sequencer Mode Signal Flow window (as described in the Sequencer Mode tutorial) but with more detailed control.

The  signal flow functionality is more complete in Signal Flow associated with the Mixer window. Control knobs replace the pop-up vertical sliders making more obvious the control features and refining the action.

NOTE: The simpler Sequencer Mode Signal Flow is included for the User's convenience being that it gives a quick at-a-glance overview of the Signal Flow settings when in Sequencer Setup.


Master EQ is include for more complete control . It is located just above the control features above at . The functionality is nearly identical to that found for Master EQ in Sequencer Setup, Program Edit or Combination Edit modes. Low and High Dynamic Modulation must be set from Program Edit or Combination Edit modes EQ.