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In addition to just changing parameter values with sliders and other controls you can copy and paste DRUMS with all of their parameters

To copy Drum double click on Drum number column and select Copy then double click on some other Drum number and select Paste


All drum parameters and their values (except Drum Note Number) will be pasted to another location and pasted values will be send via midi to QS instantly.

To display other DRUM Sound you may click on Blank SOUND Panels in main Editor's Window but also you can display all drum in the same window by selecting "ALL Drums" from window menu

Now all Drums (Sound 1, 2 and 3) in the program are displayed and ready to be edited using controls.

You can organize this window by sorting it in different ways.

Note: Sorting does not change configuration of Drum Sounds - it only helps you visually organize the DRUM EDIT grid. 

You can sort the grid  by any type: Group/Voice, Levels, Note Number and etc.

For  Example to sort by Group/Voice click on description label (Blue font):

And then select "Sort" from menu:


Sorting drums is very useful because there could be more than one drum sound that is assigned to a particular note (like kicks and toms above).

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