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After you finish loading banks with DUMP ALL SYSEX MANAGER close DUMP ALL SYSEX MANAGER and go back to the main editor's window.

In the middle you can BANK BAR where you can select banks to be displayed:

Click on User Bn tab to display contents of your user bank that you just received. Now you can click on different programs to display them in the editor: 

Here, I selected program 78 HybridBlow and as you can see it's name is display in yellow name box.

By clicking on various Programs on the list you can display them in the editor. 

As you already may know, one QS PROGRAM has 4 Sounds that are assigned to it. In QSEditPro main window 4 program sounds are displayed on 4 panels: 1,2,3 and 4. 

My HybridBlow sound assignment shows that "Flute Wave" sample from "Winds" group is assigned to Sound 1,  "Bottle Blow" sample from "Winds" group is assigned to Sound 2 and so on.

On those panels you can see some other Sound parameters and their values displayed like "Level", "FX level" , "Pan" and etc.

Every parameter that is displayed here can be changed straight from those panels by moving sliders or clicking buttons. If you move the mouse pointer over any of those controls and labels a brief description will be displayed (tooltip).

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