Use Mode button to switch to PROGRAM (PLAY) MODE. Use to move into Program Edit Mode. From here select (at this point you can choose a drum kit to edit from name box) and then select to enter Drum Kit editing mode.

From Edit Mode a drum kit from Bank INT or Bank GM can be selected and edited or pre-selected kit edited:

Using Edit in menu the selected kit can be copied and then pasted into Triton Drum Library for further work. (See Drum Instrument Library  tutorial for further information on this topic.)

 All drum kit parameters can then be modified as desired using sliders from right hand panel:

Scrollbar moves the key up and down by one, use mini slider to change by octave. Each change can be quickly auditioned by clicking on .

Drum kit can also be loaded from saved files using File option in Menu . (Drum kits are saved and loaded with .t_d extension.)

For information on how to make Cakewalk Drum Maps or to use the Cubase Drum Map Editor see tutorial modules Cubase Drum Map Editor or Cakewalk Instrument Definition File Generation. See Drum Instrument Library tutorial for use of Library function.