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You can listen to "A Glimpse" mp3 made almost entirely on RS-5 configured with RS-EDIT:

S O U N T O W E R   M P 3   S I T E - " A  G L I M P S E " -   R S - 5 

I N T R O D U C T I O N 

RS-EDIT is a powerful tool that will let you change all RS-5/9 parameters of Performances, Tones, Drum Kits and etc. straight from your computer screen. Great effort was made to develop the RS-EDIT graphical interface to closely resemble the RS synthesizer's architecture. With few clicks of a mouse, you can browse through all synthesizer's features, have them displayed and modified by using various controls like buttons and sliders.

RS-EDIT will eliminate the need for you to learn the synthesizer's manual and to remember which buttons and how many times to push on the machine's panel in order to change and manipulate your sounds. Through smartly designed screens and automation, RS-EDIT will save you time and frustration in editing, changing, writing and organizing Performances and Tones for your live performance or sequencer recording.

This software does not intend to replace very handy RS-5/9 real-time knobs, however you will find it irreplaceable for arranging the sounds for your compositions. There are numerous librarian/file saving features that will let you save and quickly recall Performances, Tones and various groups of parameters like Arpeggios, Effects (Chorus and Reverb) and Multi-Effects.

With a click of the mouse, you will be able to apply different Tones, Arpeggios, Multi-Effects that are stored on your hard drive to your Performances. RS-EDIT is designed to work in both Off-line and Real-time to allow you to hear instantly the changes you make. File saving features of RS-EDIT will allow you to backup all RS data in different forms (e.g. Performances and Tone banks, Memory Buffers, Drum Kits and etc).

Below are some screen shots or RS-EDIT for Windows:

Tone Edit:

Selecting and Editing of all Tones.
Tone's Multieffect system.
If you turn knobs on RS, RS-Edit will be updated.
Copying and Pasting of Tones between banks and Tone Librarians
Saving and Loading from files
Renaming and Writing to RS
Quick browsing through 16 tones using mouse or computer keyboard numeric keys.

Drum Kit:

Selecting and Editing of Drum Kits.
Drum Kit's Multieffect system.
Copying and Pasting of Tones between banks and Tone Librarians
Saving and Loading from files
Renaming and Writing to RS
Displaying of drum sound names.

Performance window:

Selecting and Editing of Performances.
Performance Multieffect system edit.
Reverb and chorus.
Copying and Pasting of Performances between banks and Performances Librarians and parameter subgroups.
Saving and Loading from files
Renaming and Writing to RS 
Displaying all Performance's Parts

Parts Editor with Mixer:

Selecting and Editing of Parts.
Selecting Samples for parts.
Tuning and re-assigning.
Copying and Pasting of Parts together with their parameters..
16 Channel Part Mixer.
Renaming and Writing to RS 
Displaying all Parts with all parameters from one window.

System setup FAVORITE PERFORMANCE assignment:

Organizing "Favorite Performances" buttons.
RS System Setup editing.
Saving and Loading from files

Librarians for fast loading of PERFORMANCES and TONES from various files:

Performance and Tone Librarians.
Load and work with as many Librarian or Bank files as you like in the same time..
Assign Tones from files directly to Parts.
Flexible re-assignment of Tones.
Copying and Pasting and  organizing.
Saving and Loading from different file formats.
Renaming of Tones or Performances in files.

Multieffect window with MFX (Multieffect) library:

Selecting and Editing of Multi-Effect settings for Performances, Tones or Drum Kits.
Copying and Pasting of MFX Settings.
Quick access to all MFX from all RS Tone or Performance Banks
Renaming and organizing MFX libraries
Saving and Loading. 
Automatic applying MFX to current Tone, Performance or Drum Kit and auditioning.

Arpeggio setup with ARP Library:

Selecting and Editing Arpeggios.
Copying and Pasting of Arpeggio Settings.
Quick access to all Arpeggio from Performance Banks.
Renaming and organizing Arpeggio libraries.
Saving and Loading. 
Editing of 16 Tones.
Automatic applying Arpeggios to current Performance and auditioning

Writing all buffer data:

Flexible writing and organizing RS User Data memory.
Selecting different memory locations for RS Buffers.
Renaming of Performance, Tones and Drum Kits 
Quick writing of RS Buffers to RS Banks.


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